The Barbers Shed


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The Barber's Shed

Mens Haircuts

Men's Haircuts

We do all kinds of modern and classic haircuts for short, medium and long hair. Whether your hair is thick, wavy, curly, fine or even straight, our barbers will cut and groom it to your desired style.

Trim your Hair

Trim Your Hair

If you want to cut down your medium-sized hair to a buzz cut or trim your otherwise long and messy hair to give it that spruced up look, we’ve got you covered. We can clipper cut your long hair, wash it, slick it back or pompadour or style it the way you want.

Moustache Grooming

Moustache Grooming

We understand that moustaches are very dear to most men-like you. That’s why we seek to offer the most exceptional cutting, grooming and styling moustache services to you. Whether you have a chevron, English, classic Handlebar, horseshoes or Walrus moustache, we can clean and groom it to your very satisfaction.

Beard Trimming

Beard Trimming

Want to trim that long and bushy beard? Well, our barbers have all the experience in the world to give you that perfect trim that will satisfy your soul. We can wash, trim the beard to your chosen length and shape it around the beard line and lips just as you wish.

Wax your Beard

Wax your Beard

If you have a somewhat thick and course beard that grows after a few days of visiting the barber shop, then the best solution for you would be to wax it. With our beard waxing service, you can literally stay for several days if not weeks, with clean looking beard with no inch of itchiness.

Color your Beard

Color Your Beard

At the Barber’s Shed, you can have your long or short beard coloured just the way you want it. Whether you want it dyed to pure black, brown, grey, blue or purple, our expert barbers will ensure you achieve the ultimate bossy or modern beard gang look.

Jason Sizeland
Caloundra, Wurtulla and Birtinya

The Barber's Shed...

A new experience of Old World Charm and Service; Only the best in Beard, Hair, Moustache & Ego Grooming.

With extensive knowledge on crafting different men’s haircuts and a wealth of experience in classic and modern haircuts, our barbers just never disappoint when it comes to haircuts, shaves and trims. Our master barbers will make you feel relaxed and pampered when working on your hair and when all is done, you’ll walk out looking sharp and confident.


The Barber's Shed

Men's Haircuts, Trims, Moustache Grooming, Beard Trimming, waxing and colouring.

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Only the best in Beard, Hair, Moustache & Ego Grooming.

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